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What is iCALM?

This online intervention is based on a talk therapy developed at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre in Toronto, Canada, called Managing Cancer And Living Meaningfully (or CALM for short).


CALM is designed to provide emotional support to individuals and their loved ones facing advanced cancer. We have demonstrated through extensive research that CALM is effective in decreasing distress and increasing well-being in these individuals. In-person CALM therapy may be available at your cancer centre. 

iCALM is a new and innovative online therapy, based on research on CALM and expertise from scientists who specialize in e-Health interventions. iCALM is designed specifically for patients with advanced or metastatic cancer and their loved ones. It is available online 24/7 and can be done as a self-help program or in conjunction with in-person psychotherapy.  

How does iCALM Work?

Online Therapy Modules

iCALM is designed to support people with advanced or metastatic cancer and their close loved ones manage the practical and profound problems associated with advanced disease. There are four core modules in iCALM, which deal with aspects or domains of life that may be challenging for individuals who have advanced cancer. Within each module, there are two sessions. Some modules will have additional sessions for caregivers. 


Each week, your online coach (eCoach) will be in touch with you through a messaging system on the online iCALM platform to discuss your exercises or to provide additional resources or optional modules, based on your own unique experience. These conversations are only intended for you and can only be viewed by you, unless you chose to share them with a loved one. eCoaches are clinicians who are trained in psychotherapy and licensed to provide psychotherapy in Ontario.

Symptom Diary

You will have access to a place where you can record your physical and psychological symptoms or side effects related to cancer.

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